About Us


Our Approach

We provide a host of marketing solutions over a wide range of platforms like web, mobile, affiliate partnerships and many more that allow our customers maximum flexibility in choosing and benefiting from the best choices that align with their goals and expectations. Our vast experience in the fields of digital marketing, lead generation and brand awareness creation make us the first choice for many small businesses to large enterprises and our use of the latest in technological advances in these fields allow our clients to maximize the value we generate for them. Our database consists of a high quality user base that spans over fifty plus segments and allows us to offer your business an extremely high level of brand awareness, allowing your business to achieve high volumes of customer acquisitions both locally and globally as you require.

Our Story

Stardom Media started its journey in 2015 with a small team of dedicated professionals intent on bringing about a shift in the email marketing space and provide a better alternative to the platforms that were available to companies then. Over the course of our journey, we have come a long way and learned a lot of things that helped us become one of the best providers for email marketing and other advertising solutions.
We have partnered with over a hundred and fifty companies all over the country and have a stellar record with a hundred percent customer satisfaction target that speaks for itself as is evident in our ninety nine percent customer retention rate.